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Light Factory

Light Factory


  • effect machines

    LED / matrix

    7 / 8 / 10
  • transitions

    manual or automatically timed
  • Easy media playback

    Video, audio


  • Unlimited cue lists
  • Millions of cues
  • 6 different effect machines
  • Audio, MIDI, serial port and timecode triggering
  • Up to 10.000 Submaster
  • 512 dmx channels

It offers an uncompromising approach to traditional dimming control and fully supported Move Light support. LightFactory was developed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer can have their own control desk. A console that you know completely, a console that is suitable for any situation, and a console that you can always rely on. Most software-based control systems focus on supporting moving lights, but do not have the many features that characterize traditional lighting tables. Lightfactory closes this gap.


The full version of LightFactory can be downloaded for free and gives in 30 minutes a 1 minute break, A valid registration code is required for the DMX output after the 30-minute demo period. Click hereto purchase a licensed copy of the software that removes this restriction. The full installation includes all the components needed to set up and run LightFactory.

version 2.22