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    XP / 7 / 8 / 10

    LED marquee generator
  • MEVP compatible

    Magic 3D Easy View protocol
  • Sound to Light

    Control to the beat of the music
  • Smart phone control available

    Free Android App Download


  • ART-Net
  • 1024 DMX channels
  • Fixture library
  • Joystick control
  • Built-in chaser for LED fixtures
  • Touch screen capable
  • MIDI input
  • TCP, IP, API support
  • Motor fader support BCF 2000
  • Rotary support BCR 3000

Freestyler is a free Professional Lighting control software and is used by many experienced DJs and lighting designers. The further development is supported by a huge network of users worldwide.
FreeStyler is MEVP (Magic 3D Easy View protocol) compatible and can be used with "Magic 3D easy view" for free.

version 3.6



I can not find a fixture for my DMX device

You can use the FixtureCreator to create a fixture for your DMX device.

Start -> FreeStyer -> Fixture Creator

FreeStyler FixtureCreator Start



For the correct channel description you need a datasheet of your DMX device.

Which interface do I have to choose in FreeStyler?


 Note! The USB driver must be installed beforehand.

See Windows USB driver installation


Select the JMS USB2DMX Interface in the universe 1 off.

Setup -> FreeStyler Setup -> Interface setup -> Controller

FreeStyler Interface Settings

No further settings are required.

In the Unversum 2 select Virtual Interface.

How do I install my DMX devices in FreeStyler?

In the menu bar Setup -> FreeStyler Setup -> Add / Remove Fixtures